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1. If you use a SecurID Token, enter your PIN and the number appearing now on the Token. No space. If you use Blackberry SecurID, enter the Passcode only.

2. Mac users selecting the Windows 7 option can only use the Citrix Receiver client to access Remote Shearman. Currently, Citrix only supports Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, and does not support Java Access for Mac OS. To download the appropriate client please use the links below
MacOS Citrix Receiver Download.
Windows Citrix Receiver Download.

3. If you are accessing Remote Shearman from a Business Center Kiosk, please select Java. Note, the Business Center Kiosk requires Java installed to run Remote Shearman.

4. For users selecting the Windows 7 option, please be aware, that you may only save documents into DM or your F:\ home drive. Documents and files saved on the VDI desktop or C: drive will be deleted upon logoff from the system.

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If you encounter any problems with this site, please check your internet connection. If problems persist, contact your local GTS support representative or call +1.212.848.5000.

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